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Laser Hair Removal

Pier Medical Aesthetics

Aesthetics located in Hermosa Beach, CA

Let’s face it: Hair removal is tedious no matter what method you use, but you can finally do away with this daily drudgery with laser hair removal. Douglas Mest, MD, at Pier Medical Aesthetics provides laser hair removal that permanently eliminates hair, is safe for all skin types, and can treat every part of your body. To schedule an appointment, call the office in Hermosa Beach, California, or book an appointment online.

Laser Hair Removal Q & A

How do lasers safely remove hair?

Lasers can safely eliminate unwanted hair without harming the surrounding skin and tissues because the laser’s energy is only absorbed by the hair follicles.

As each follicle absorbs the laser beam, heat produced by the laser destroys the follicle. Then the existing hair falls out and the follicle stops growing hair.

At Pier Medical Aesthetics, the team uses the Vectus® laser by Cynosure, which provides super-fast hair removal, is safe for all skin types, and can be used to eliminate hair everywhere on your body.

Why will I need several laser hair removal sessions?

The laser can only destroy the follicle while it’s growing hair. The problem is that hair follicles do not continuously grow new hair; they go through cycles.

Every follicle on your body actively grows hair for about two to seven years and then it goes through a brief transitional stage before entering a resting phase.

When the follicle goes dormant, the existing hair falls out. After roughly three months, the follicle cycles back into a growth phase.

On any given day, around 10-15% of hair follicles are resting, which means they’re not affected by the laser. Most patients need two to six treatments spaced about one to four months apart before all the hair follicles are destroyed.

What should I expect during and after laser hair removal?

If you’re only treating a small area like your upper lip, your session may only take a few minutes, while a larger area like your back could take 15 minutes.

The Vectus laser has built-in Advanced Contact Cooling technology to keep you comfortable during your treatment. When the laser emits a beam, it’s described as feeling like a rubber band being snapped, but most patients tolerate the procedure without any problems.

After your procedure, your skin will be slightly red and possibly a little swollen. These are normal side effects that go away within two to 24 hours.

You can return to your usual activities after laser hair removal, but it’s vital to use sunscreen or avoid the sun while your skin heals. You’ll receive personalized instructions telling you about skin care.

When you’re ready to reclaim time spent removing hair, call Pier Medical Aesthetics or book an appointment online.

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