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Sculptra® is a dermal filler unlike all others with unique ingredients that achieve exceptional results. Douglas Mest, MD, at Pier Medical Aesthetics is a pioneer in the use of Sculptra in the United States. He was the principal investigator during a clinical trial, he trains other physicians in its correct use, and he serves as a consultant for the manufacturer. Dr. Mest continues to lead the way, developing new uses for Sculptra beyond diminishing wrinkles. For example, he uses Sculptra to perform a subtle buttocks lift. To learn more, call the office in Hermosa Beach, California, or book an appointment online.

Sculptra Q & A

What is Sculptra Aesthetic?

Sculptra Aesthetic is a unique dermal filler made from microparticles of poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA). PLLA is a safe substance that’s biocompatible and biodegradable and has a long history of safe use in other medical applications. For example, it’s used to restore facial fat that’s lost due to disease.

PLLA works by stimulating collagen production, which makes it effective for cosmetic problems. Collagen forms your skin’s foundational structure, making it strong and resilient.

Over the years, your skin produces less collagen. As a result, skin becomes loose, and you develop wrinkles. Sculptra reverses the signs of aging by restoring lost collagen.

Which skin problems are treated with Sculptra?

Sculptra produces excellent results when it’s used to diminish nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and chin lines. Dr. Mest uses Sculptra to replace facial volume in your temples and midface. He also uses it in your chest and knees.

By strategically placing the injections, Dr. Mest can build up support for your skin. Instead of just treating a wrinkle like other dermal fillers, he uses Sculptra to fully restore facial contours.

What should I expect during and after treatment with Sculptra?

Sculptra is a powder that’s mixed with sterile water and a local anesthetic. Additionally, the surrounding area is injected with a local anesthetic. As a result, you shouldn’t experience any pain, but you may feel pressure as Sculptra is injected.

After your treatment, you may have mild discomfort, swelling, or redness. The rate at which these side effects heal varies with each patient.

Can I use Sculptra to restore fullness to my buttocks?

Dr. Mest developed a technique for using Sculptra to lift and shape your buttocks. With carefully placed injections, Sculptra rebuilds the underlying support, restores lost buttocks volume, and tightens skin. With the doctor’s method, you can regain youthful buttocks contours.

When will I see results?

It takes time for your body to produce collagen and then for collagen to fill in volume and strengthen skin. Your results appear gradually over the course of your treatment, which is typically three injections over three to four months.

The wait is worth it because once your results appear, your rejuvenated appearance can last up to two years.*

To learn whether you’re a good candidate for Sculptra, call Pier Medical Aesthetics or book an appointment online.

*Individual results may vary.

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